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Waiting for the EKAB Ambulance

All of us from time to time have witnessed an incident or heard of cases related to the delay of an EKAB ambulance. Atlas Security, in partnership with Interamerican, has created the innovative AtlasMed Medical Assistance service to fill this gap. Already in one year of operation, hundreds of subscribers have benefited from this service, characterizing it as valuable and necessary for every home.

The situation with public ambulances

To see the importance of the AtlasMed service, we quote some facts that were presented on January 14, Day of Sacrifice Sacrifice, as revealed in the article of Kathimerini

In the two months November – December 2018, the emergencies in Athens were 34,892 and only in 5.13% of the cases the ambulance reached the patient in less than 10 minutes and in 40.29% of the cases the waiting exceeded 60 minutes.

AtlasMed Medical Assistance Service for the home

At Atlas Security when we created the AtlasMed Medical service, in collaboration with Interamerican, we knew the need we all have for timely hospitalization by ambulance when we really need it.

“The immediate arrival of the Interamerican ambulance, the first aid he received during his transfer from the ambulance crew and his timely transfer to the hospital were the reasons that saved the life of this person.” These were told to us by phone by the relatives of one of our subscribers who was saved thanks to the use of the AtlasMed service. See the incident here

Take advantage of this unique service offered only by Atlas Security and feel real security. After all, health is a primary concern for each of us.

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