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Ηλικιωμένος σώζεται με την υπηρεσία AtlasMed

An elderly person is saved because of the AtlasMed service

In the one year of operation of the innovative AtlasMed service, hundreds of Atlas Security subscribers have benefited the most. Older people living alone no longer feel helpless. Mothers with young children at home are no longer intimidated by the idea of a child accident. Every subscriber realizes that with Atlas Security the concept of security he enjoys has been extended to the field of health of himself and his family.

The ability of our subscribers to live independently and know that they are never helpless is invaluable! The AtlasMed service, in addition to helping daily from a simple medical advice to a transport to the hospital, has even saved lives, including an elderly gentleman from Piraeus as we will see below.

The incident of our subscriber

Mr. EF, a subscriber of Atlas Security, was sleeping with his wife at their home in Piraeus, in early September. Around 1 in the evening, the wife of Mr. E.F. She woke up and found that her husband was in severe chest pain and had difficulty breathing. He immediately notified their son who went straight to the house and realized that his father was having a heart attack. Then he thought of the AtlasMed service, which he also has in his own house, and pressed the Medical button on her alarm keyboard. Within seconds, the home phone rang and the other line was operated by the Atlas Security Signal Center. The operator directly connected the son with Interamerican for the ambulance mission, since from the description of the son, it was most likely that Mr. E.F. he had a heart attack.

The immediate arrival of the ambulance

The Interamerican ambulance arrived in 14 minutes at the house in Piraeus, the ambulances went up to the third floor, put Mr. E.F. on the stretcher, he was taken to the ambulance and transported to the hospital of the family’s choice, in the presence of his relatives. The doctors treated the patient immediately, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and finally put his health in danger. Mr. E.F. stayed in the hospital for 4 days and came out healthy.

As relatives told us by phone the day after the incident, the immediate arrival of the Interamerican ambulance, the first aid received during the transport by the ambulance crew and his timely transport to the hospital were the reasons that saved his life. specific person. And all this thanks to the pressing of the Medical button on the home alarm and the AtlasMed service. A service that ultimately strengthens the sense of security in the sensitive health sector of Atlas Security subscribers.

AtlasMed: The service that changed Signal Reception Centers

At Atlas Security a year ago, when the only AtlasMed service was launched, what we had in mind was to enhance the sense of security of Greek families further by preventing an attempted theft. Our vision was and remains to create a service where in the private, in the living space, such as everyone’s home, to create a feeling of maximum security for the whole family, from all dangers. And health is a primary concern for each of us. After all, the security provided by an alarm is believed to be related to the health of those living in the home. And all this is now connected to a service. With the AtlasMed service, ONLY from Atlas Security.

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