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We reward your trust

With each passing day, our subscribers enjoy free refund privileges on their daily purchases! Because at Atlas Security, we joined forces with the largest chain stores and thousands of companies participating in the Cashback World program throughout Greece, to easily and smartly save even more money on your purchases!

Money & Shopping Points with every purchase!

Have you ever imagined that you can collect countless refunds into a “piggy bank” simply by doing your daily purchases from companies of every kind? (super market, pharmacies, optics, electrical items, gas stations, toys, home appliances, clothing, etc.)

For the first time in Greece, a Central Station gives you the opportunity to earn even more when shopping at your favorite stores. Because for us, reward means getting privileges everywhere.

Companies in Greece
Online Shops
Companies Worldwide

It’s very easy to win from

State the on-time payment of your subscription and we will refund you money, so simply!

Shop perceptively on big chains using genuine coupons and save money from your daily expenses!

Use your membership card in thousands of businesses and online shops and earn money and shopping points with every purchase!

With every purchase you make our world better!

By using your free member’s card to thousands of businesses in Greece and around the world, you also support the Child and Family Foundation and Greenfinity, to enhance children’s education in third countries and protect the environment. And of course, for every purchase you make, you are rewarded with money and shopping points!

As an Atlas Family member you earn:

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Once you’ve clicked the send button, check your email for the confirmation message in order to complete the process. (check your junk mailbox if you do not find it) If for some reason your details are not accepted when you register with Atlas Family program, please click here.