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The need to change the batteries of your alarm

The investment you made in your security by installing an alarm system, can not be used if you do not take care of its proper maintenance. The time required is minimal and guarantees that the system will protect you when needed.

Do not forget:

Scheduled power outages that have already started in the last few days, as happens in any summer, may cause your alarm if the batteries are not in good condition. (eg the siren may start ringing for no reason)

According to the manufacturer, the batteries have a lifespan of 2 years and must be replaced before they are completely depleted. A faulty / obsolete battery leaves your alarm system exposed to a possible power failure, while at the same time it can create a problem in the operation of the rest of the system (unnecessary siren activation, short circuit on the board, etc.)


Batteries are one of the most important components of the system, because they ensure that the alarm is on standby even in the event of a power outage (from 8 to 24 hours)

Replacement should be done regularly and the batteries should be of specific specifications depending on the safety system (frequent power outages weaken the battery voltage faster)

Before you go on vacation, be sure to contact your installer to make sure your system is working properly and its batteries do not need to be replaced.

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