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Home Alarm Installation – What You Need To Know!

In order for a home alarm to be installed correctly, the basic conditions are the thorough study and its subsequent effective implementation, so that the security system works smoothly and smoothly.

Because home alarm is a relatively costly investment for any homeowner, if the installation of the installation is not carried out with the appropriate specifications, there is a serious possibility that it will not be able to prevent a possible intrusion into a home and consequently not manages to adequately protect your family and your assets.

Therefore, the thorough recording of a home environment plays a key role in trying to highlight the vulnerabilities of a home and emphasize their protection. Because each alarm is different, as well as the needs of each home, it is recommended to install an alarm system to be implemented only by professional installers with know-how and experience.

The security technician and the thorough study of the area

At this point we would like to emphasize how important it is, in the context of installing a home alarm, the thorough study and “mapping” of the space by an authorized technician-installer of the company, who is required by law to hold a Security License, a fact which ensures the even result of his work. In preparing the study of the space, the installer takes the time to form a more comprehensive picture of the type of protection a home needs, giving it the opportunity to listen to the special needs of the customer and suggest a more personalized approach. In addition, the authorized technician is able to “diagnose” the vulnerable security points of the house, focusing on their shielding. Finally, the installer is willing to answer and solve any question the customer has about the alarm system that will be installed in his home and the parameters of its operation. The ultimate goal is to build a relationship of trust between the customer and the company that undertakes the installation of the alarm, so that the former knows that he can at any time have direct support for anything he needs. This is the biggest advantage of installers who have established their name in the market and have become well-known in the minds of buyers.

Security is a great commodity nowadays, especially in the midst of high crime, so everyone involved should exercise the utmost care when setting up a home alarm, offering high quality services.

The right choice of alarm system

Your home needs to be equipped only with an advanced and complete alarm system that is certified by the leading manufacturers in the field of home security systems. So, you can rest assured that you have trusted the right alarm and the right company that will offer you immediate support, when you need it.

As part of the installation, special opening sensors (the so-called magnetic contacts) are placed at the entry points of the house, ie the windows and the shutters. Note that the magnetic contact is placed cleanly for safety in order to protect the openings of the space (doors, windows, etc.), causing an alarm if any of them is violated. It is understood that the magnetic contacts are connected to each other with a cable structure in order to avoid the possibility of false alarms. In addition, motion sensors are installed in all the main areas of your home, always depending on their dimensions and if necessary.

Also included is the installation of an external siren, which has autonomy of operation even in the event of a power failure, thanks to its internal battery, and is activated if someone attempts to violate or destroy it.

Finally, the central unit is installed and essentially divides a house into separate zones, in order to be able to activate the alarm even if there are open entry points (windows) and the whole other system is “armed”. Make sure you know the different ways to arm your alarm from the keyboard, depending on how the central unit is programmed by your installer.

After the installation of the alarm system is completed, the customer is informed and trained on all aspects and functions of the alarm he has installed in his home.

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