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SMS update service

Real-time SMS update on selected signals from your alarm

SMS update service

Your time is precious. Make an SMS plan that suits you and rest assured about security in your site, with written updates wherever you are. That way you can have the control in real time.

How does it work;

You are automatically notified by real-time SMS alerts:

• immediate priority in urgent cases
(e.g. burglary, fire, personal threat, medical need, etc.)
• alarm readiness status
(e.g. battery failure, power failure, etc.)
• temperature variation (e.g. in refrigerators), water leakage, gas leakage and any other detection
• arming / disarming of the alarm in my business or cottage and by which user.
• loss of system communication with the Central Station (GPRS device needed)
as well as everything else I need for immediate information.

Real-time control 100%

Make an SMS plan that suits you and rest assured!
Activate the service only from 3.50 € / month + VAT

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