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Over 35,000 subscribers

trust  Atlas Security

Our vision is your security

Protecting those you love is the most important thing!
At Atlas Security we consider it crucial to provide you with everything you need for your safety and that’s why we design our services with care.

Our values are simple, essential and above all, humane. We operate with customer security in focus, shield privacy practices, and ensure maximum service quality that will become a powerful experience for you.

Longtime experience

The Atlas Group is today the no.1 choice in terms of safety, maintaining a leading market presence since 1982.

Satisfied customers

Our quality is shown in our indicators. Every year we take care of increasing your satisfaction rates and we are very happy about it.


We are certified by Internationally Acclaimed Organizations for the way we provide our services according to ISO 9001:2015

Investing in security

Our security is the most valuable asset. With new technologies from our side, we are always one step ahead.

35.000 customers

More than 35,000 families and professionals trust us about their safety all around Greece.

Data protection

The security of your data is important, so we protect it in every way.

Our Dynamics - Your Trust

Our facilities

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Corporate Responsibility

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Research and Development

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Job opportunities

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Our employees

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