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I want information about the offer package 17.5 € / month

Alarm system and 24 hour information for 4 years only from 17.50 € / month!

Atlas Security and its partners make your home, office or cottage safety even more affordable. Get an alarm system with the central station service only with € 17.50 / month.

Complete IDS Hellas alarm system

* for home, office or business

+ 4 years connection to the central station

* we notify as soon as the alarm sounds!

+ 4 year warranty

* battery change is not included

Σύστημα Συναγερμού από την Atlas Security με δόσεις

The integrated alarm system includes the following materials:

IDS 805 alarm panel (x1)
Classic Led Keyboard (x1)
Radar (x2)
Exterior siren (x1)
Internal siren (x1)
System batteries (x2)
Magnetic contact (x1)

... and additional alarm connection to the Central Station for 4 years

In case of any attempted burglary or threat in your area, we immediately inform the Police and the emergency telephones, 24 hours a day. At the same time, you receive important information services for the smooth operation of your alarm.

• Burglary Signal • Fire Signal • Personal Threat Signal
• Disarmament Signal Under Threat • Robbery Signal • System Violation Signal • Battery Drop Signal • Power Outage Signal
• Arming-Disarming signal etc.

euros per month
years connection with Central Station
interest free installments
Χωρίς προκαταβολή

Don't you have an alarm system?

Atlas Security offers certified security services through its specialized network of partners throughout Greece. The installer you choose is responsible for the proper operation of your alarm system, which is necessary to ensure communication with the Center.

Look for him through our Partner Network and contact him for a detailed security system installation study, specially designed for your needs.

The alarm system includes