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Why Atlas


Every big company has a story

The Atlas Group is today the no.1 choice in terms of security, maintaining a leading market presence since 1982. Starting from a man’s vision, our Business Group has been distinguished over the years by dedication and the belief that all people deserve the best for their safety.

Our values are simple

  • Above all safety
  • Honest interest in your needs
  • we shield our privacy practices
  • we ensure maximum quality of service that will become a powerful experience for you.

Strategy and vision for the future

Our vision is ambitious but has strong foundations. For above all, it is based on the desire of all of us to “make a difference”, irrevocably remaining faithful to our values.

  • We are developing the largest and most reliable partner network across Greece with new faster service techniques
  • We invest in resources, time and expertise to always discover what is most worthwhile for you
  • We invest in our people, because we know that together we can make our world better.
By expanding our business activity, our goal is to double the size of the group over the next few years.