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Premium Pack

We will notify you as soon as your alarm sounds

Protect my house from burglary or threat

In any attempt to disrupt or threaten your home, we immediately inform the Police and Emergency Phones, along with a series of other security actions.

How do we protect you?

Immediate call to the Police

Immediate briefing of the owner and emergency telephones

Burglary Signal

Recognize the violated zone, alert the Police (100), and inform the customer through the emergency telephone numbers that he has declared.

Fire Signal

Immediate notification of the fire brigade (199) and the customer to the emergency telephones.

Personal Threat Signal

“Threat” via a specific combination from the keyboard. Notification of the Police (100) and immediate update to emergency telephones.

Emergency Disarm Signal

Disarming the system under threat through a secret code. Notification of the Police (100) and immediate update to emergency telephones.

Robbery Signal

Using a special “Panic Button” device. Notification of the Police (100) and immediate update to emergency telephones.

Medical Emergency Signal

Immediate notification to the emergency telephone numbers indicated by the client for this case (relatives, personal physician, etc.).

System Violation Signal

Tampering with the security system or siren. Notification of the Police (100) and immediate update to emergency telephones.

Tracking signal

Detection of increase / decrease of room temperature, humidity or pressure levels, water / gas leakage, etc. Notification of the competent authority and the customer to emergency telephones.

But that’s not all

Additionally, the package is also designed to offer a range of important services for logging and briefing you about the conditions that indirectly affect the operation of the alarm or security in your site.

Power Failure Signal

For a power failure of 2 – 2 and a half hours without resetting, the customer is informed on emergency phones (or by sms). In a power outage during the night (00: 00-07: 00 am), the customer is informed in the morning (except in cases of immediate notification)

Low Battery Signal

Immediate notification of the customer (once every 24 hours) that the alarm battery has been weakened to inform its technician and remedy the problem.

Keyboard Blocking Signal

Informing the customer in the emergency phones and confirming that the block was caused by incorrect operation.

Communication Test

An auxiliary signal that the security system sends once a day, based on the installer’s programming, and confirms that the system is currently communicating with the Central Station (record only).

Arming-Disarming Signal

It records the time when the security system is armed and disarmed and by which user.

Zone Bypass Signal

It records which zones were bypassed during the arming of the system. The subscriber can arm the system normally even if a zone is damaged, simply bypassing that zone.

Monthly Signal Flow Report

Every month the subscriber can receive in his e-mail an analysis of the signal flow received by the Central Station along with all the actions that were taken.

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