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Why does my alarm need to be connected to the security central station?

We have all heard the siren of an alarm ring at some point but ignore it because we think it is not important. Many times, however, this wrong mentality in the way we approach our own safety or that of our fellow human beings, leads to negligence that can cost the protection of our lives and property. This “rift” in our security and protection, comes to fill the Signal Reception Center when it is permanently connected to our alarm. It basically consists of a group of experienced people who stay awake 24 hours a day to enjoy a unique feeling of security. Let us list, however, the key reasons why it is necessary for an alarm to be constantly connected to the Signal Reception Center.

Very rarely does a neighbor mobilize for a foreign alarm

Initially, connecting your alarm to the Security Central Station ensures that you have an “alert guard” by your side at all times, no matter where you are. Given that neighbors are rarely mobilized when a foreign alarm rings, either out of fear or negligence, it is imperative that you have the continued support of people with know-how and training who interpret the coded signals sent by your alarm to the Center promptly and effectively. . This way they respond lightning fast to your space when you are away or just sleeping. An alarm that is not connected to the Signal Reception Center is a lack of security as your space is not monitored by anyone. However, the connection to the Center ensures that if a burglary is attempted, the Police will be notified immediately by the people who are on alert for you, rushing to the spot.

You are unaware of your safety when you are not in the area

When you are away from home, even if you have an alarm system installed in it, the space is practically exposed and you may find yourself in front of an accomplished event as you do not have a complete picture of its safety. Because you may not be notified of any intrusion into your property, the Signal Reception Center has the ability to form a more complete picture around the operation of your alarm, thus taking better care of the security of your home, acting quickly and efficiently in case of invasion. The alarm sends coded signals to the Central Station the security, so if any burglary attempt occurs, the operators immediately receive the signals and act by notifying the police authorities.

You do not know when your alarm needs maintenance

A large percentage of burglaries occur daily because many alarm holders forget or neglect to properly maintain their alarms. The alarm sends encrypted messages to the Central Station informing it practically of its needs and anything that takes place. In other words, the alarm constantly communicates to the Center its status through the coded signals and the latter is always able to know if an alarm is running smoothly. Thus, the Signal Reception Center immediately informs the owner if the alarm has weakened batteries that need to be replaced or if a component has been damaged as a result of which it does not work properly. Finally, the alarm can notify the Center if there is a power outage in your area so that you can be informed in turn.

Protection when you are inside your space

Ever wondered who can protect you in the event of a burglary when you and your family are in your home? The Security Central Station can play a rescue role in this case because it can know by connecting to your alarm system if your life is in danger. Even if the burglar forces you to disarm your alarm (and use the secret off code under threat), the system is turned off locally, but at the same time it sends an alarm signal to the Center, with the operators then immediately notifying the police. authorities that give priority to such incidents.

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