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Alarm systems for business – Ideal for business security

Ιdeal for the security and protection of a store or business. Various official figures that have come to light show that burglaries and shoplifting have increased alarmingly in recent years. In all cases, the common component was the absence of an integrated security and protection system, a mistake that would not be forgiven by would-be burglars and intruders.

Because your business needs a reliable alarm

Your store is a valuable investment, in which you have deposited your future. Naturally, this investment must be protected at all costs, because in order to be prosperous in the future, it needs to be “shielded” against malicious or other actions that threaten its security. An advanced alarm system offers an effective solution to this problem, protecting your business properly.

Complete protection of your staff and facilities

Protection of individuals and property

An alarm is placed to protect on the one hand the facilities and products of your professional space, on the other hand it needs to inspire security in the staff working in it. Therefore, it must have all the modern specifications and features that will guarantee the safety of your store. High-tech store alarms are designed to meet the modern security requirements of a store, an office or a business with great success. For this reason, we observe that in addition to the magnetic contacts placed at the entrances of a space (windows and doors), store alarms are usually additionally equipped with radar that directly detects suspicious and threatening movements, plus the control panels that essentially they act as the driving force of the alarms, sending the alarm to the sirens to sound when necessary.

Preserving the reputation of your business

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that a potential burglary in your store is very likely to significantly damage the reputation of your business, thus sabotaging all the effort you have made to build it and consolidate it in the consciousness of customers and your employees. Therefore, an advanced alarm system saves you from such “damages”, which in fact are of incalculable value.

Alarm differences stores with house alarms

Regarding the installation process

One of the most common differences between a store alarm and a home alarm is the materials used. In the store, usually the first point that needs to be protected is your shop window, and for this a special crystal break detector is installed, which triggers the alarm in case of vandalism of the glass. In addition, a store or business, unlike a home, will probably need more remote control or a special panic button, which owners will be able to activate in the event of a robbery, the risk of which is increased due to constant entry. people in space.

As for the Security Central Station

As we all know, an alarm without a Signal Reception Center is a half measure for your safety. While all alarms need to be connected to the 24-hour Center to ensure immediate information, business premises in particular, have additional needs and requirements from the Signal Reception Center. The Employee Schedule Control Service is one of them. If you have doubts about the exact observance of the business hours of your business, then thanks to the schedule control service you are immediately informed about any violations in the business hours, the passage of unauthorized persons during non-working hours, as well as the delay in arming the alarm. your security. This way, you have complete control over your business, even when you are not there.

Continuous connection of the alarm with the Security Central Station

Finally, the alarm of a store must be connected to the Signal Reception Center of the company that has undertaken the protection of a business. The Security Central Station receives digital alarm signals daily on a 24-hour basis. In case a distress signal is received, then the intervention mechanism is immediately activated and the client protection process begins, during which both he and the competent police authorities are notified.

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