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The benefits of properly maintaining your alarm

A system always ready

What we want from our alarm system is to ensure that it is always ready to respond to any risk at any time, no matter what. But in order to ensure this, we must “listen” to the needs of our alarm and take care of the periodic service it needs every one or two years.

Let’s put things in order: By service, we mean replacing all consumable components of an alarm system, such as batteries, as well as the overall control the technician performs in general, to ensure proper operation. That way we can be sure that every “sprocket” of the system is working properly, making it 100% ready to prevent any attempt to invade or break into our space.

The importance of the alarm system’s batteries

Batteries are of primary importance for the operation of our security system because they are automatically activated in the event of power failure.

Although there is no objective criterion indicating that it is time to maintain an alarm system, the use of our alarm system will “reveal” if one of its batteries needs to be replaced. For example, an alarm that has been triggered several times in the past or has often operated using the backup batteries due to a power failure is very likely to need new batteries. Usually, replacing the batteries (both on the central unit and the siren) is recommended about every two years to make sure the alarm’s readiness is not “betrayed” by low battery power.

The battery is the “number one” component of an alarm system, as at the moment of a power failure, the backup battery in the central panel automatically starts feeding the entire alarm system in order to keep it operational. Depending on its condition, the battery can maintain an alarm system’s autonomy for up to 48 hours, which is especially important when one is absent from the house. This problem is mainly encountered during the summer months due to the frequent power outages planned by the electricity company, so the batteries of our alarm are consumed very quickly after they come into direct operation to protect us. Therefore, before we leave for our summer holidays, it is necessary to check the condition of the batteries and if necessary replace them immediately.

Specialized service for "diagnosis" and repair of faults

If we have agreed with our installer to perform an annual service on our alarm system, then our profits are multiple because we ensure that any system malfunctions are localized in time and therefore we will have the opportunity to fix them before the prospective burglar takes advantage of them.

Our installer will inform us about the parts that need to be replaced, since having checked the alarm system altogether will tell us if, for example, a magnetic contact has been broken or worn (possibly by a door or window hitting it) or if a sensor is malfunctioning. This allows us to promptly diagnose and correct any failure, giving high functionality to our alarm system.

Answers to possible questions / problem solving by demonstrating by the technician

When visiting our site, the installer will perform a complete check of our system (including the change of batteries and any other accessories it deems necessary), and at the same time it will propose upgrades to our alarm system where it is deemed necessary. In addition, in our appointment with our installer, we have the opportunity to solve any queries about the operation of our alarm, which we may have postponed for a long time because it was difficult to answer by phone. At the moment the installer is at our site, however, he can make us a technical demonstration on the alarm, thus making us feel safe that we know everything we need about our alarm. With customer-driven needs, installers can optimize the security of an area, thanks to their know-how and upgrades of alarm systems, giving us the peace of mind that we so much need.

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