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5 reasons to install an alarm system on your cottage

Our cottage is our second home. Regardless of whether it hosts us on weekends or is the destination for our summer holidays, our cottage is the place we are definitely looking for to find calmness and escape from everyday life. So how important is it to feel safe in a place that we own?

If we consider that at the moment 1/3 of the Greek households – 3,000,000 in total – owns apart from the main residence and a cottage, we can understand the importance of protecting our vacation house from possible thieves, who will eventually take advantage of our long absence or even our presence during the holiday or holiday season.

Need for a security system for as long as we are away for holiday in our cottage

Increase of burglaries in cottages and the dangers it harbors

The statistics from police reveal that because of the growing crime of the last years due to the crisis, holiday homes have been well into the spotlight of burglars who think they will find an “easy prey”. Additionally, the dangers of invading a cottage are particularly high even if the owners are in the house enjoying their holiday, which indicates how unscrupulous the burglars have become. Because of this, it is imperative to take action and install an alarm system immediately at your cottage, primarily with the aim of protecting your family’s life and secondly your property. An alarm system is one of the most cost-effective burglar-prevention measures, the only presence of which is enough to make the burglars flee the area. Investing in a high quality security system can prevent theft of valuable items, costly property damage of furniture and household equipment and at home entry points as well as attacks on your family’s life.

Feeling safe at the time we want to relax and rest

When your pursuit is to relax and unwind with your loved ones, having a high quality security system in your cottage will give you the unbelievable sense of security you are looking for, during your vacation. Burglars are afraid of the alarm, as it destroys their plans, and they will not attempt to violate your property. Alongside your cottage, installed radars should be installed to turn on powerful headlights that surprise the criminals and force them to flee before they even try to invade your space. Thus, the alarm leaves no room for action to the burglars and offers infinite moments of family peace and tranquility during your vacation.

Need of a security system for when we are away from our cottage and have left it "exposed"

It becomes a target because they know no one is there

Cottages are very often the target of burglars because they are uninhabited for biggest part of the year but also because many of them are located in remote areas. Although there are many who claim that “they have nothing that can be stolen from their cottage,” the burglars do not know what is hidden behind your door. So, even if you do not have valuable items at risk, your house remains a target in which they will attempt to invade, especially if it looks unprotected, leaving your property vandalized.

However, an advanced alarm system, which will be permanently connected to the Central Station, will become your “watchful guard” preventing vandalism and intrusions to your home.

Necessity of alarm / perimeter coverage / cameras

During your absence from your cottage, it is necessary to “shield” it as efficiently as possible with a variety of security measures. Therefore, in addition to the alarm system that will be permanently connected to the Central Station, you can install a sophisticated CCTV system through which you will supervise your vacation home remotely. CCTV systems ensure your countryside’s perimeter coverage by recording any activity via cameras, alerting either you or the police in case of suspicious or threatening movements.

Investment for our cottage

Another crucial reason why you are advised to install an alarm on your cottage is due to the rise in investment value that it can give it. An integrated alarm system is a criterion for buying and selling a property and strengthens its resale value. But above all, even if you are away, it acts as a “safety valve” to prevent criminal acts, protecting your property and saving you money, since in the event of a break-in, the cost of rehabilitation would be incalculable.

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