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Smart ways to keep the beaches clean and safe

We all want to enjoy the sea in the summer. Excursions to the beaches in the summer months are one of the most beloved habits, because it gives us a sense of carelessness and freedom, which unfortunately, most of us are missing the rest of the year. Diving, playing, sunbathing, eating – we do all of these next to the sandy beach. But what if the beach is not so clean and has garbage and germs?

Cleanliness = Safety

The cleanliness of the beaches is an indispensable duty of all of us visiting: It is the “passageway” for the beaches to be suitable for bathers and therefore safe for public health. For a country like Greece, which is a “pole of attraction” for millions of visitors each year thanks to its famous beaches, it is particularly necessary to adopt a more responsible attitude towards this problem. So what does each of us owes to do to prevent it from polluting?

Garbage is explicitly forbidden

Let us remember: “No garbage or plastic in seas and shores”! With such an up-to-date message, once an advertisement attempted to sensitize the world in order to be more respectful of the environment. How many times have we resented the smell of garbage next to us when we want to enjoy the fresh air of the sea?

TIP: When we have consumed food and beverages, we try to locate the closest trash bin to discard the packages. Also, if we see rubbish or plastics near where we are or in the sea, we take the initiative and collect them in bags and throwing them to the nearest bucket.

No more cigarette butts

The sea is not a huge ashtray.

TIP: If we want to smoke on the beach, we are committed to throwing the cigarette butt into the right bin after we have put it out in a portable ashtray. We never “get rid of it” in the sea or in the sand.

We participate in voluntary actions

All together, we can make a decisive contribution to the protection of the coastal areas of our country, enjoying crystal clear coasts ideal for swimming.

TIP: Try to participate in a group of volunteer beach cleaning activities. The moral satisfaction of offering and becoming “an example to be imitated” is priceless.

“We must look ahead for the future”

The benefits of the cleanliness of coastal areas are multidimensional and relate to both health and safety as well as to the environment and the economy. Most of the waste we throw into the sea requires many years to decompose, causing a worrying burden for the environment. So we see that, by relieving the shores and seas from all sorts of trash, we preserve the marine ecosystem, that is, the fauna and flora that it hosts. And of course, clean beaches are harmless to human health, which means that both us and our children can enjoy them without worrying about being infected by germ. In addition, by keeping the beaches clean we avoid environmental damage that would have enormous economic costs for our country. Only in this way will we be able to enjoy for many years the earthly paradises of our country called Greece.

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