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How do social media “open your home” to an aspiring burglar

The summer holidays are just around the corner, trips, excursions are in the planning, as well as … your absence from home for some days. Social media are full with pictures from summer, with wishes for the upcoming holidays, but also with information about the places you will visit. Information that often testifies much more than you just want to “share”.

Many of you have been the victim of a burglary sometime in the past and you certainly would not want to experience it again. In recent years, it is common for an aspiring burglar to get information about whether someone is on holiday or not, depending on their social media activity. Below are some tips to help you safely use social media this summer.

  • Do not put out information beforehand, about the program you intend to follow on your holidays. For example, you do not need to “post” when you are taking your time off, when you have booked a holiday, or where and with whom you will go.
  • Do not often check-in from where you are, especially when it’s during your holiday, clearly indicating that you are away from your home.
  • During your holiday you can upload an older photo from your home town, in order to confuse anyone who has been in the process of watching your profile.
  • Do not leave your social media profiles open publicly. You do not need all the information about your personal life to be exposed to the general public but only to your friends.

The summer holidays are for everyone the most beautiful period of the year. They symbolize the relaxation and relief of the whole season. Besides, “holiday” literally means “take a break from what you usually do”. So give your social media profiles the right to take their own vacation this summer, both for you personally, and for your safety.

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