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Basic instructions for the security of your space

How long does it take for a burglar to break into a house, get what he wants and leave again? In less than 10 minutes, police sources say, as well as representatives of companies that sell security systems.

For this reason, anything we do that will delay the perpetrator can act as a deterrent.

  • Install an automatic door closing device at the main entrance of the apartment building.
  • Lock the main doors of the compartment with a security lock.
  • Always lock when you leave, even if you are going to be away for a short time.
  • Never leave the main entrance open with supports and be especially careful if someone follows you inside the building.
  • Install an alarm system, supporting your security on many levels. Security alarms supported by multiple detectors, sirens and cameras dramatically increase the security levels of your home.
  • The security systems of the main entrance (video door phone with visual image) should allow you to identify and control your visitors.
  • Never open the door without making sure you know the visitor.
  • Avoid giving your house keys to third parties you do not trust completely.
  • When moving, always change the locks and keys of the new house.
  • Do not leave second keys of your house under pots or mats.
  • Never leave large sums of money or valuables in your home and do not disclose to your social and professional environment the assets you keep in your home.
  • Garages and storage areas are a common target.
  • When we are absent we do not leave the same light on permanently. It is best to have a circuit breaker installed so that some of the lights come on periodically.
  • Think like thieves. Try for a while to get into the position of a potential burglar. Take a walk around your house and observe the image it gives. Notice where your safety is lagging behind and think of ways to improve.

Find the weak link

It could be a weak door or an old window with a defective lock. Whatever it is, find out before the burglar and fix it.

Generally, we should observe our house from the outside and if we see a strange sign or a symbol or something that we consider suspicious, it would be good appropriate to notify the police. Most burglars have a method and mark the houses they want to steal. If we see strangers looking at the house or unknown cars near the house taking strange walks, we always inform the authorities and if we do not have neighbors near our house it would be appropriate to put a home security system and even better security cameras with recording.

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