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Atlas Security at the forefront

Atlas Security at the forefront of security against the pandemic

At Atlas Security, operating with a sense of responsibility, we observe all the necessary measures to limit the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, while with coordinated actions we created the most complete alternative plan of uninterrupted operation of the largest Central Station in the country.

We are in full alignment with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the E.O.D.Y. in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, having taken a series of precautionary measures to limit its spread.

Regarding our workplace:
Strict control is carried out and no one related to our work is allowed to enter our space
Daily cleaning is carried out in all areas of our company with powerful antibacterial cleaners
Antiseptic liquid is distributed daily in all workplaces
In all areas of the company there are posted forms of G.G.P.P. with the necessary precautions

Regarding our employees:
Thermometry is performed daily before the employee enters the workplace
All employees are provided with daily gloves and face masks that must be used during their work
Individual antiseptics are given to everyone, in addition to the antiseptic found in the workplace
The distance of two meters per two employees is strictly observed
Meetings with partners within our company are avoided, continuing our collaborations through alternative communication networks (telephone, conference call)
Special purpose leave is provided to employees as defined by E.O.D.Y. in order to facilitate them with their children

Regarding our subscribers and partners:
Following a decision by the management from the beginning of the spread of the coronavirus, a plan was made for the safe transition of the Signal Reception Center to another privately owned space of the company within the complex where we are located. This plan was prepared with the help and cooperation of the individual departments of the company, the company’s communication providers, Cosmote and Vodafone and the company Atlascom, which supports the uninterrupted operation of the Signal Reception Center over time. Thus, a “Clone” Signal Reception Center was created where from today it can host all the jobs that still exist in shift operators. The most important thing is that both infrastructures of the Central Station can operate at the same time, which means that in case of a crisis (confirmed case) the employees are immediately transferred from one place to another, operating really uninterrupted The tests have been carried out in real time successfully and in any case we are ready at any time.

At Atlas Security we implement an organized business continuity and operation plan, ensuring the uninterrupted provision of service, faithful to what we do all these years. We are also closely monitoring developments so that we can take every new additional measure to ensure the health of our people and the general public.

Understanding the urgency of the moment as well as the effects that the spread of the pandemic has on society, we at Atlas Security put the health of our employees, our subscribers and our partners as our first priority.

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