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4 Steps I Need To Know To Buy An Alarm System

A large percentage of homeowners decide to start looking for an alarm system for their home after first falling victim to a breach or burglary.

After such an adverse event occurs, we all rush to a specialized and experienced alarm company to learn as much as we can about the available alarm systems and their features.

Step 1: Alarm system market research

However, buying and installing an alarm system is not a simple matter and requires a lot of market research between the available security systems and their individual features. The choice of alarm that will equip your home is inextricably linked to the money you have the opportunity to spend on the purchase of your alarm. You can find from economical and simple alarms in cheaper stores to more advanced and expensive ones in branded companies that specialize in home security systems and perform their installation and maintenance.

Step 2: Choosing your technician

The technicians of the company you will choose to obtain your alarm, will visit you at home to “map” the place and advise you on the most appropriate options for your case in alarm systems, describing the similarities and differences their.

The choice of the ideal alarm system for our home is based on the knowledge of the individual components and devices that make up an alarm system, such as motion detectors, alarm centers, magnetic contacts, keyboards, etc., which are usually included in the package. the offer.

Step 3: Select a wired or wireless alarm system

A common dilemma among buyers is whether to choose a wireless or wired alarm. In the case of wireless alarm the alarm panel communicates with the various components (such as contacts) via radio waves, so the installation process requires little work and the time needed is much more limited. Its disadvantage is that it relies on wireless technology, so would-be burglars would attempt to breach it. On the other hand, the wired alarm usually takes one day to install, it requires more work at home due to the wiring, however its operation is based on more reliable technology. Of course, it needs maintenance every two years and replacement of batteries, however breaking a wired system without being notified by the system seems very difficult.

Step 4: Learning the alarm system from the keyboard

Finally, we advise you to ask the company that will be in charge of installing your alarm, to fully inform you about the operation of the keyboard to judge if it is indeed functional and easy to use. For example, make sure you know the different arming functions depending on whether you are indoors (eg at night) or about to leave. Make sure the data is displayed (eg the alarm is armed) and clarify how to operate the emergency keys. Build a climate of mutual trust with your alarm installers and do not hesitate to ask any questions related to the protection of your home.

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