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GSM / GPRS communication device

for ultimate security

The i-Sec GSM / GPRS communication device acts as an ally for your protection.

It ensures the safe transfer of the alarm signals to the 24-hour Central Station even if the telephone line cord gets cut off, while simultaneously triggering the alarm in the room!

It protects you in case the phone line is cut off

You no longer have to worry about malicious actions. Alarm signals will be transferred to the 24-hour Central Station via a GSM / GPRS network and you will be immediately notified and also the Police.

It protects you in case the GSM / GPRS signal is blocked

Even if the thief blocks the GSM / GPRS signal with a Jammer device and at the same time cuts off the line of the fixed telephone line, the alarm siren is still activated in the room!

In conjunction with Global Sim services

By combining the i-Sec device with Global Sim services, for check every 10 minutes or 1 hour, you will receive triple written updates and telephone contact from the 24-hour Central Station for loss of communication.

How does it work?

The device takes over all signals from your alarm and transfers them to the Central Station through GPRS. That is the safest and fastest way to send your alarm signals through the Internet!

The signals are transferred using the Global Sim card integrated in the i-Sec device. For the first time, Cosmote, Vodafone & Wind are combined on a single SIM card for your own security!