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Why a mobile application CANNOT replace the Security Central Station

Nowadays, more and more people are shielding their home or business with an alarm system. Increased crime, insecurity and fear for our lives and property create this need for protection.

Proven, the most reliable deterrent is the alarm combined with a connection to an Atlas Security Central Station.

Many people may not be aware of the need for Atlas Security Cental Station and rely on a mobile application in which the alarm systems sends notifications. But is that enough?

Consider, for example, the burglary of your home while your family is away.

What an application will do:

Will send a simple notification (push notification) for violation of the space on the user’s mobile phone, at this risk:

can not see his cell phone (to drive) can not see his cell phone (eg to drive)
can not talk on his cell phone (meeting at work)
Can not hear the mobile phone (eg walking on the street or the mobile phone is muted)
The mobile phone does not have a signal (eg to be in the center)

While if I have the Atlas Security Central Station:

Immediate information of the owner and emergency telephones by experienced staff
Immediate notification and dispatch of the police to the scene
Ability to press the Panic button to immediately activate the alarm and send the police immediately to the area
Activation of a secret code “off under threat” in case the burglar forces the victim to disarm the alarm
Immediate arrival of an ambulance through the AtlasMed Medical Aid service in case of an accident or if someone in the area suffers a shock during the burglary

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