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What kind of security system do the elderly need for their home

Elderly people are often very capable of living independently in their homes, but concerns about their safety, medical needs that may arise, and other concerns about accessibility can make their lonely life a difficult and stressful situation. Fortunately, modern technology has provided many new tools to help the elderly feel secure and confident of their independent living in homes equipped with integrated security alarm systems.

Options for the safety of the elderly at home

The following options are appropriate for the safety of the elderly, or people who stay alone, away from a relative.

Integrated security alarm system

An integrated alarm system with perimeter security for doors and windows as well as motion detectors will improve the confidence and safety of an elder when he or she is alone, especially at night. With an activated alarm system, a burglar’s attempt to open a door or window will fail because the alarm will be triggered and the police will be notified immediately by the Central Station. Emergency phones will also be informed, so the elderly will feel safe but also the burglar will be prevented from future attempts in the same area. In the same security system, fire detectors can also be installed to alert the elderly about smoke at home, while at the same time the fire brigade is informed after a call from the Central Station.

Medical Services via the alarm system - AtlasMed Service

The AtlasMed Medical Service of Atlas Security’s Central Station is a particularly important tool for the elderly, who may be weak or have health problems. Chatting with Interamerican doctors 24 hours a day, as well as free transportation within the Prefecture of Attica, with Interamerican ambulances, offer additional security to an elderly person and their relatives. And all of the above by pressing the medical emergency button on their alarm keypad or via a wireless button that the elderly can constantly carry with them. With this 24-hour service, many elderly people continue to live stress-free at home, independent, knowing that in any emergency they will not stay helpless.

With selected alarm systems and Atlas Security Central Station services, older people living alone can now continue to live safely even away from their loved ones.

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