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4 tips for keeping your home safe when you are on holiday

Get an alarm system

The alarm system is by far the most deterrent against potential external invaders and burglars. 
The existence of an integrated security system is enough to discourage aspiring burglars from invading your space and fleeing, relieving the owner and his family of the risk of an invasion for their physical integrity, and especially for their life.


Do not leave keys to third parties

Avoid giving your home keys to others whom you do not trust completely.
It may seem a good solution to give a second pair of keys to a neighbor or someone you know to "watch" our home, but you must have absolute confidence to that person, because many thefts have happened in that way.


Remove valuable items

Do not leave large amounts of money or valuables at home and do not disclose them to your social and professional surroundings. 
If you recently purchased a new expensive TV or a computer, do not leave the packaging and boxes at an obvious spot outside your home, because it can draw the attention of burglars. Keep your purchases away from strange eyes, making sure your balcony does not testify to what is happening inside your home.


Take care of the lighting

Install a night-time auto-timer so your home does not show like it is completely left alone. 
Burglars 'dislike' the light. When overnight there is absolute darkness in your home, appropriate conditions are created so that one can move freely, without being noticed. 


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