Halloween: What to watch out for in the costumes

Halloween come to their peak. We'll all dress up our little kids, or we'll dress ourselves to go to a Halloween party, the last three days of the Triodium.

But what should we look out for when choosing Halloween Costumes? 

The Hellenic Consumers' Workers Union gives advice to those who intend to follow the custom and get dressed up.

Here's what to watch out for:
  • Costumes made from flammable materials and sharp accessories hide dangers despite their innocent form and use.
  • Because the quality of fabrics varies in Halloween costumes, it is suggested that consumers, especially children, always wear their own clothes beneath them.
  • Halloween accessories especially for children's suits, should be carefully examined by parents to prevent physical harm to children.
  • Consumers should be aware that almost all sprays should be kept at low temperatures and below 50° C. Therefore, avoid exposure to the sun and use indoors. It is also dangerous to use them near flammable materials but also inhalation or contact with the face. Finally, the use of sprays should only be done by adults and not by young children who cannot understand the risk.


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