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How can I have a security system with a pet inside the house

Many people who have a pet in their house are wondering if they could install a security system without creating a problem for them.

The truth is that a few years ago the idea of putting an alarm system in a house with a pet "scared" the installer because of the fear of creating false alarms. This was because the indoor and outdoor motion detectors did not allow much flexibility in the simultaneous existence of a domestic animal and an activated alarm system. Thus, the solution given was to engage the pet in an open space not covered by the alarm so that it can move without activating it.

The manufacturers addressed this problem by creating animal-friendly motion detectors for animals of smaller or larger size. New motion detectors have been "tolerant" in the movement of a pet at home in recent years. Thus, an animal can move within the supervised area without activating the alarm. They have additional features in relation to conventional pet-friendly detectors and the choice by the installer lies in the size of the pet. Their cost does not differ greatly from conventional detectors and make the house safe, while the animal moves in it undisturbed.

That way, the concerns of all those who have one or more pets, and now feel it is necessary to install a security system for their safety, are resolved.


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