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Securexpo 2016 industry report

ATLAS Security and the 24-hour Signal Reception Center participated once again in the SECUREXPO industry exhibition on 27-29 May 2016 at the Olympic Fencing Center.

All of us, the human resources of the group, warmly thank all the associates who visited us closely, and especially those who arrived from remote areas of Greece, and we had the opportunity to discuss extensively many of the new events of the group.

Presentation of Global Sim to its partners

In a presence of 140 sq.m., ATLAS Security presented the Global Sim Programs and its new possible collaboration with Vodafone, Cosmote & Wind, an innovation that provides solutions to all communication problems of alarm systems with CLS (GPRS network technology ). This service offered to the customer ensures control of the communication of his alarm with the KLS every 20 minutes or every 5 minutes, vertically raising the security of a space. Here, it is worth noting that the customer who activates this service pays only one account at ATLAS Security, which includes the services of triple information as well as the telecommunication costs of the provider!

Atlas Partners - The power of the installer

Also, ATLAS Security presented the “arsenal” of specialized promotion and support services that we provide to our partners, showing in practice the profile of installers who already participate in the online project atlaspartners, throughout Greece. Photos, videos, company descriptions, location on the map and of course all the contact information are just some of the benefits given to you by joining your online promotion network.

For the physical promotion and advertising of our partners, we also provide a light sign “authorized partner Atlas Security”, alarm materials panel, promotion leaflets, video presentations and many other printed materials, which are created by the design department of the group, tailored to its needs. each partner.

Finally, to strengthen the ATLAS partner network, the € 17.50 “package” was designed and created, which is another tool that you can use at will, in order to offer liquidity solutions to your customers, increasing your connections to Centre.

The collaboration of Atlas Security with the company ucandrone

ATLAS Security chose UCAN DRONE, a purely Greek company to “marry” its many years of experience in security with the capabilities of high technology. See below the demonstration of the Drone flight.

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