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Grand Sponsor of the 2nd Elec.Tec 2018 International Exhibition

More than 1,000 professionals in the field of security systems, automation and electricians honored with their presence our stand at the 2nd International Exhibition Elec.tec 2018.
The Atlas Group, as a major sponsor, made its presence felt with the most beautiful and high tech stand in the exhibition, while visitors with their continuous presence held it "alive" throughout its duration.


Atlas Security - Interamerican: The cooperation of the decade

Atlas Security joined forces with Interamerican's top insurance group and radically upgraded the quality of  the medical assistance it offers to its subscribers through the unique AtlasMed service. A service that brings 24 hour home medical assistance, at the touch of a button on the alarm keypad.


Whenever a health care issue or medical advice of any kind is required, there is always a doctor to guide you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even if you need a health transfer to a hospital, with AtlasMed, the subscriber ensures free unlimited transfers with Interamerican privately-owned ambulances from home to whatever hospital he wants, public or private. And all this with just 1 € / month in addition to his subscription. Simply pressing the Medical button on his alarm. An innovative service that only Atlas Security offers across Greece.

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Since 1991, ATLAS Security has not only been able to inspire confidence in 35,000 subscribers across the country, but also to establish its position as the No. 1 Central Station.


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