Monday, 23 July 2018 13:53
Published in Νέα

Easter Celebration 2017

Every celebration is worth enjoying and take pleasure to the fullest!

That's why, in order to thank the great Atlas Security team that give their best everyday to make you feel safe, we organized an Easter breakfast - surprise!

Each one received his own handmade chocolate egg with the initial letter of his name and we all together celebrated Holy Thursday with laughter and joy!

Because: "We are all a family!"


Happy Easter and Good Resurrection to everyone!

With the musical mood of these festive days, we wish you to spend wonderful time with the people you love either family, friends or both!

Since 1991, ATLAS Security has not only been able to inspire confidence in 35,000 subscribers across the country, but also to establish its position as the No. 1 Central Station.


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