Shop smart in large chain stores using genuine coupons


How would you feel, if you got a refund of money and shopping points from your daily expenses in big chain stores?

As of today, you are eligible to earn more in your favorite stores. Using the genuine coupons of each chain store, you receive extra money and discount shopping points, in addition to any other promotional act (seasonal discounts, promotions, etc.). Just like that!


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Step 1:
Obtain coupons for the chain store you want from your nearest Coupon Delivery Point.

Step 2:
With coupon purchases, you receive on-site refunds and the shopping points offered by this particular chain store through coupons, showing your Atlas member card at the Delivery Point (not in the chain store)

Step 3:
You can go to the chain store whenever you want and shop without money, giving the coupons to the cashier!

We are a voucher delivery point. We will be happy to assist you!

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