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At Atlas Security we are investing in security. Thanks to our size and know-how, we make sure we are always ahead of technological developments, creating specialized security services tailored to your needs.

We all want to enjoy the sea in the summer. Excursions to the beaches in the summer months are one of the most beloved habits, because it gives


What we want from our alarm system is to ensure that it is always ready to respond to any risk at any time, no matter what. But in order to


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Since you have installed an alarm system in your home to protect your family and property, the next step is to use your alarm properly to


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Since you have installed an alarm in your home to protect your family and property, the next step is to use your alarm properly to maximize its


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How does a Central Station protect me?

The security system itself can ensure that the alarm sounds if someone attempts to tamper with the protected space. The connection, however, with a Central Station provides more effective protection to the client and its premises, as for any event occurring, the Police Authorities are immediately informed and, of course, the customer, whether in the area or not.

Can I activate the system while I'm in my place?
What should I do if the alarm sounds by my own fault?
What can I do if I have forgotten the security code I use to contact the Central Station?
What if the alarm sounds and I'm away?
My security system is malfunctioning and I cannot find my technician. What can I do?
Changing a telephone communication provider. What should I do;
What happens to the alarm system if the phone line is cut off?
What should I do if the alarm is triggered and the Central Station has not called me?

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