What our subscribers say about us

Every Customer is unique and important to us. We ask the people who trust our services to record their experience with us. See our customers' opinions below. We owe them a big thank you!


Eleni A. Immediate service and full security. I have been a client for many years and I would not change them. Well done!!!
  Alexis T. Perfect and very fast. I am a customer for 11 years and I am very pleased !!!
  Zoe P. Excellent professionals, you really feel safe because they've called seconds after the alarm sounds. I think they are the top company in the industry.
  George R. I have been a client of the company for over 17 years and I believe that the ATLAS service is truly flawless.
  Caterina C. 15+ years, two homes, always serve us flawlessly!
  Elisavet F. They bear with us although we make so many mistakes and react instantly. I have only good things to say.
  Κaterina Κ. A reputable company, there is always a polite person to serve me in the best way for everything I ask.
  Sakis T. Congratulations!! Excellent company, very polite employees...
  Alexandros T. Whenever my alarm was triggered, the response was immediate, either by telephone contact with the center or by informing the police. Continue the great work you already do.
Ioannis K. My opinion is the best. We had worked together earlier in my parent’s home and that is why I chose you.
Christos K. Continue your very good effort. You are one of the very few companies that someone can recommend.
Electra S. With ATLAS security you feel secure! Impeccable and fast service
Maira B. 18 years whenever I needed them, they were there
Anastasia A. Customer loyalty, rewarding and reliability !! Atlas Security inspires confidence !!!!


Since 1991, ATLAS Security has not only been able to inspire confidence in 35,000 subscribers across the country, but also to establish its position as the No. 1 Central Station.


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