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Real-time support, access to special privileges, and the maximum quality of your service, guarantee the best solution for you and your customers.

Daily Briefing

 Each partner receives every day, whatever form of report he wants, in order to have a complete picture of the status of his customer's systems. References include:

  • Signals received by the Center with all the actions taken
  • Cases of customers with communication problems for at least 30 hours (In case of non-communication, the client is informed by sms on his mobile)
  • Confirmed burglaries by the Police
24-hour service

Partners can ask for information about the handling and operation of their client's system at any time throughout the day, and resolve any form of problem either at operational or enterprise level.

Fast and instant service

The technical support / programming department takes care of the integrated service of the partners and provides:

  • Complete instructions for system planning via download
  • Directions and advice on any problem / technical issue may arise. The Technical Department is open daily from 09:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00.
Periodic meetings

We are committed to building and maintaining a quality partner support system. Our network of collaborators is constantly increasing and expanding in all areas of Greece. That is why we pay attention to our partners' opinion, organizing periodic meetings to exchange views on current issues in our industry.

Since 1991, ATLAS Security has not only been able to inspire confidence in 35,000 subscribers across the country, but also to establish its position as the No. 1 Central Station.


Reward programs