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5 tips to properly use your home security system

Since you have installed an alarm in your home to protect your family and property, the next step is to use your alarm properly to maximize its usefulness and avoid classic mistakes. Below are five tips you should follow to use the security system properly.

  • All members of the family should be informed of how to use the alarm as explained by the installer who installed it. The security / disarming code of the system should stay only between family members and not leak to third parties
  • The alarm should be activated on a daily basis, primarily on the night when the family is asleep, always at the times when the whole family is away from home, such as the holiday season and the hours of the day when people are left alone, such as the elderly or young children
  • Proper service should be done to the security system and batteries should be changed almost every two years to maintain proper operation
  • The security system should ideally be connected to the 24-hour Atlas Security Central Station to benefit from its services and also from the innovative AtlasMed service
  • For maximum security, you should ideally have the Global Sim control service so that your alarm is constantly on a wireless GPRS (internet) network offering maximum transfer speed and immediate information, effectively preventing even the most blatant burglar

Installing a security system in your home is really an investment for you, your family and your property. Follow the above tips, trust the Atlas Security Central Station and feel secure.

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