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5 tips to keep you from being robbed on the beach

Summer is connected in our minds with holidays*, beaches and endless moments of relaxation and carefreeness, especially when temperature “strikes red” and we enjoy a “oasis” of coolness and rejuvenation on our beloved beach.

However, very often instead of enjoying this beautiful scenery, we feel a constant anxiety about the security of our personal items as we swim, relive or play a few meters away from our stuff.

Inevitably, we all carry valuable items on the beach, such as wallet, mobile, credit cards and cash. What can we do so that they are not literally unprotected at the appetites of the thieves who lurk nearby when we enjoy the sun and the sea?

We offer you some smart tips and preventative solutions to avoid being robbed on the beach:

Using storage media

Our first tip is to use various storage areas where you can safely hide small items such as money, credit cards, your car keys and your mobile phone. A waterproof case that you can carry with you while swimming is an excellent idea. Also, a book is the most classic beach accessory since many people choose to read during the hours they spend at the comfortable sun lounger under the umbrella. So what would you say to convert a book into a “hiding place” for some of your personal items such as money or credit cards? It is quite difficult for the prospective thieves to think that there is something of great value in the book.

Fix or secure your items somewhere

Another clever security measure to prevent you from being robbed on the beach is to try locking or securing your bag to a stationary item that cannot be removed, such as your umbrella or sun lounger. This will make the thief’s work harder, as it is doubtful whether he will attempt to open your bag to see what it contains.

Swim in "shifts"

Another effective measure to protect your precious items on the beach, if you have gone with your friends or family, is to swim in “shifts”, alternately, so there is always someone watching your personal belongings. It may not be the most enjoyable thing, but it is certainly the most effective way to keep your things safe from the risk of theft than those who lurk.

Do not expose your personal items in plain sight

In order not to being robbed on the beach, it is strictly forbidden to leave your personal items exposed to a common view, because on one hand you “provoke” the thieves and on the other hand you greatly facilitate their plans. Make sure to hide them at least under a towel or if they are bulky items, try to bury the bag containing them under the sand leaving the towel on top and a sunscreen or hat to give the impression that there is no object of value at point. Another widespread prevention method that many bathers use is that they choose to close their most valuable items in airtight bags, which they then bury under the sand and cover with their towel. e. Of course, care must be taken to ensure that the bags are tightly closed so as not to cause any damage.

Socializing on the beach saves

One last tip you could follow in order not to be a victim of theft on the beach is to pick a spot near families or people of your age and try to talk to them in order to get acquainted with each other and create a climate of intimacy and confidence. If you do this, then you will automatically have the courage to kindly ask them to take a look every now and then on your belongings while you swim in the sea, then returning grace in the same way.

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