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5 common mistakes people make when going on vacation

Despite the presence of an alarm system in their homes, many homeowners tend to make some common security mistakes when they go on holiday, either out of carelessness or personal negligence, which can cost them some burglary or breach while they are away. So let’s focus on these key mistakes so that we all realize how we can avoid them in the future.

They do not activate the alarm system

When we are away from vacation, activating the alarm system is vital to protect and shield the area from outside intruders and burglars. After all, a deactivated alarm is essentially useless and does not protect our property, leaving burglars to operate undisturbed! Why then do we neglect to activate our alarm?

Activating your alarm daily is a matter of habit:

Many homeowners forget to turn on their alarm because they have not yet developed this daily saving habit. Unfortunately, most of the time, we need to hear a case or even worse “bad thing” happen to us, in order to make noise and realize the reason we sounded the alarm from the beginning.

The myth of pets:

Still others are afraid of false alarms because they have pets that they often leave behind when they go on vacation. The truth of course is that, even with pets in the house, we can have the alarm activated without any problems at all. Firstly because there are “smart” pet detectors that we can install, and secondly because in any case, we can arm the perimeter of the house (and thus protect it from magnetic contacts), excluding the internal radar so that our pet can move freely in space.

The required service has not been performed

Proper maintenance of the alarm system that we have installed in the house increases its lifespan and so we are sure that it works properly, even when we are away on vacation. At the same time, the correct service minimizes the chances of damage to the alarm during our absence and ensures that all its functional parts and components are in excellent condition, replacing any consumable parts such as batteries. Especially batteries, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, have a lifespan of two years, so we must replace them before they are completely empty. Otherwise, our alarm system will be exposed while we are away from power outages in the event of a power outage, affecting at the same time the efficient operation of the overall system (short circuit, siren activation for no reason, etc.).

They lower the general current

Another common mistake that homeowners make when they go on holiday is to turn off the mains, a move that results in the alarm system not being powered on and its operation based solely on its battery life, enduring the long for 2-3 days as long as it is properly maintained. Another consequence is that the alarm is not on alert and may sound unannounced without any real threat.

They leave large plants / clothes spread out on the balcony

Another seemingly “innocent” but very important mistake that many make when they go on vacation, is that they forget to pick up the spread clothes from the verandas of their houses and leave large plants in places they should not. The result is that when strong winds blow, the movements of clothes or plants can activate the external sensors of the alarm “giving” a false alarm. The alarm system is activated incorrectly without any external threat or human intervention, unjustly worrying the whole neighborhood, and of course the owner on vacation as soon as he is informed by the Signal Reception Center.

They forget to pay the phone bill

Finally, it has often been observed that many people, due to the relaxed atmosphere that prevails during the summer months, forget to pay their phone bills, as a result of which companies block outgoing calls. Thus, even if someone’s alarm is connected to the Signal Reception Center, they can not send an alarm signal for any real danger or threat and the house is literally left unprotected.

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